Asap Market

Asap MARKET OFFICIAL LINK: http://asap4g7boedkl3fxbnf2unnnr6kpxnwoewzw4vakaxiuzfdo5xpmy6ad.onion

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Asap is a Modern anonymous market over 1 year old featuring secure multisig escrow, centralized escrow and finalize Early. Asap accepts Bitcoin and Monero and has over 11,000 listings and 1000 vendors. It also boasts the cheapest darknet bitcoin exchange there is.

The vendor bond on Asap Market is $300 and can be paid in Bitcoin or Monero. Any vendor trying to deal outside the market will be banned without any further warning. NO COMMISSIONS NO SERVICE

AsapMarket Boasts Of possessing The Fastest And Cheapest Crypto Exchange In The Entire Darkweb!

In terms of convenience, speed, and exchange fees (of 2% per swap), choose to exchange your crypto (Bitcoin(Btc) to Monero(Xmr) and vice versa ) on AsapMarket.
Here is how to Easily swap your coins. Go to AsapMarket Sign up Hover on wallet at top right and select "exchange"( you will see "new" in red beside it) It is important to know, you will have to deposit the coins you wanna swap. Example, you wanted to exchange your btc for xmr. Now on the same page, click on BTC and deposit to the address generated. All address generated are PGP signed. Therefore you can check the signed address against our PGP by clicking on "verify address" under the generated address. We recommend you do this at all times so you don't fall victim to a phishing site. Do same for XMR if you wanted to exchange your XMR for BTC. Deposit will be added to your balance after 1 confirmation.
After balance has been added, click on "Exchange" on same page and then swap the coins to your preferred one. We only support BTC and XMR for now. After the exchange is completed, withdraw your coins and come back everyday to swap.